Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Meeting the New OB

Yesterday, Stephen and I met the OB, Dr. Walker, who will deliver still nameless baby boy.  Her office is at Medical City, which was nice since we're already familiar with the hospital.  I had another ultrasound.  I'm 27 weeks pregnant now, and his head is measuring normal for 29 weeks--this kid has a big noggin.  He had hiccups during the ultrasound, which was really cool to watch and feel at the same time.  Then we met with Dr. Walker, and I really liked her!  She was very laid back.  She is having a baby next Monday but will be back to work in August before I need to see her again.  She was able to answer a few questions I had about the delivery, immediately after, and our stay in the hospital.  She, her nurses, Dr. Kao the cardiologist, and the NICU nurses will be in the OR during delivery in case the baby's oxygen saturation is low and he needs immediate attention after delivery.  As long as he is stable he won't have to be whisked off to the NICU right away, so we will get to see him for a little while. The baby will have to go to the NICU pretty soon after birth since he will need the medicine to keep his PDA open.  Dr. Walker said it's normal procedure for c-sections to keep the spinal block in for 24 hours, and patients get a pump to add medicine when necessary for pain.  That sounds like the worst thing imaginable to me--I want to be able to walk as early as absolutely possible for a number of reasons, but mostly so I can be with our baby!  Dr. Walker said I can refuse anything (SO happy she said this instead of some "well, this is what we typically do" kind of thing that I get from my OB here in Tyler), and I can get up as soon as I want.  I will be discharged as early as possible so I can spend as much time as possible with the baby in the NICU.  He will stay in the NICU for 7-10 days as long as he doesn't require the BT shunt, which the doctors won't be able to determine for sure until after birth.  I'm going to continue going to my OB here for my regular visits, and I won't have to see Dr. Walker again until the beginning of September.  That's actually nice because it will save lots of trips to Dallas once I have to start going every two weeks and then every week later on.

After the doctor, we went to Carter's to get some clothes for this baby boy!  

Here's the loot:

And here's the difference between what Mama chooses:

and what Daddy chooses:

Back to the cardiologist in two weeks!          

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