Monday, November 10, 2014

Cardiologist follow-up

Stephen, Sam, and I came to Dallas today for the quickest cardiologist appointment we have had yet. The nurse did Sam's EKG, checked his blood pressure, O2 sats, length, and weight. Oxygen was 83, which is still good for Sam. He weighs 11lb1oz and is 23 1/4 inches long. He's a growing boy!  At seven weeks old, he is almost too long for 3 month size clothes, but 6 month is still a little too big. Dr. Kao is still happy with how he's doing, and she commented on how calm and content he is. 

We scheduled his heart catheter for December 15. This procedure is standard for all babies who will have the Glenn shunt, and it checks blood flow and blood pressure in the different heart chambers.  It is only an outpatient procedure, so he shouldn't have to stay overnight if everything goes well. Pray with us for the doctors and staff who will perform the procedure and read the results.  The surgery to place the Glenn shunt will probably be in January. 

I was finally able to catch Sam's smile on camera yesterday! 

And Stephen calls outfits like this "costumes," which I love 😊
Check out those little bear ears on the hood!

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