Wednesday, November 25, 2015

My New Job

Boom. Just like that, I'm back to working full time.

It all started with a text message.  Taylor sent me this out of the blue:

For three years I have been staying home with our kids. The plan all along has been that once we have only one in daycare, then I would go back to teaching.  It just made the most financial sense for us. Well, once I got more information about the Innovation Academy, I knew I would be foolish not to jump at the chance. 

Innovation Academy is a STEM-focused, Project Based Learning-centered charter school through UT Tyler. The dynamic at the school is everything I have ever wanted. The teachers and administrators are fun, flexible, and excited to be there.  And the kids!  The kids make my eyeballs turn into hearts. They are spunky, unique, interesting, and precious. It has been the smoothest transition into the oddest time of starting a school year. 

The second week was full of benchmark testing, a full moon, Red Ribbon Week, and right before Halloween, and I made it out alive!  I'm so excited to be at the Innovation Academy. 

My grandparents came to our house to keep the girls. 

The girls went back to Bertram to stay with my grandparents and parents for the second week. It was so nice getting two weeks to figure everything out at school with help with Emory and Harper. They started daycare/preschool two weeks ago, and THEY LOVE IT. They're excited about going to school every day!  

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  1. Your job sounds like every teacher's dream, Danielle! So glad you're loving it. And the girls look super happy too! :)