Saturday, December 13, 2014

Day 10 Update

Yesterday and the day before were pretty rough for Sam and me.  Sam was refluxing his feeds and feeling pretty miserable.  Early this morning around 2:00 they put in a different kind of feeding tube that circumvents his stomach and goes directly to his intestines.  This has helped tremendously. He hasn't been coughing or spitting up at all today. Rhinovirus is no joke. Hard to believe he has recovered from open heart surgery so well, but a common cold is setting him back. I asked the nurse earlier what needs to happen before he gets the all clear, and she said he needs to be eating well on his own and gaining weight. We are hopefully going to try feeding by mouth again tomorrow. Pray that that goes well!  I'm so ready for all my people to be together again. 

Yesterday my friends came to visit. 

It was so nice to feel normal for a couple hours. I couldn't ask for a better group of girls to call my friends. 

Meanwhile, back in Bertram, the girls are in hog heaven feeding goats and doing farm work:

And helping Trent conduct the band at their Christmas concert:

I sure do miss my girls!

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