Friday, January 30, 2015

Gig 'em, Sam!

Sam, you are famous!  The Aggie Network has been running a social media promotion on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #raisinemright.  Parents and families submit pictures of their future Aggies in hopes that the social media team will share their photo.  A couple weeks ago, Brad and Courtney gave us an Aggie hat for Sam, and I snapped a super cute picture of him wearing it.

Stephen suggested I email the Aggie Network, and I did.  And then about a week ago, my friend, Stephanie, who works for the Association of Former Students, sent me a Facebook message and suggested I submit the picture.  I got another Facebook message from her earlier today that the social media team had selected Sam's picture to share for #raisinemright!  I love being an Aggie!  I have known this is true for weeks and weeks, but as I read through all the comments on his picture, I was just reminded that so many people are praying for my baby.  My baby!  Sam, I can't wait to share with you one day how many people know your story, love you so much, and have prayed for you.  You are loved, sweet boy!

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