Thursday, January 1, 2015

Home Again

I heard from the nurse practitioner first thing this morning that as long as Dr. Kao gave the okay, Sam could be discharged today. We didn't have to wait long for the green light, and we were outta there!

We were home for about ten minutes before my parents pulled up with the girls. Emory and Harper literally ran from the car to see Sam!  They weren't allowed on the floor where Sam was admitted, so they hadn't seen him in the four weeks we were gone. 

We're getting settled. It feels like Sam is a fragile newborn again. He wasn't on any medicine before his surgery, and he's on five now, so I feel like I have this huge responsibility!  He's still getting used to eating again, so he eats small amounts more frequently than before surgery. I am just so thankful to be home!!

We wrapped presents tonight, and Stephen set up the girls' gift (a train set) they were going to get from Santa. 

Can't wait to celebrate Christmas with my people tomorrow!

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