Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ringing in the new year

We were told on Tuesday that Sam was for sure going home yesterday. Yay!  We get to spend New Year's Eve with our whole, complete family again!  False. They did an X-Ray on Sam yesterday, and his bowel loops were dilated again, so the floor doc wanted to keep us for another day. He consulted with the GI specialist, and he said he is fine with the results from the X-Ray as long as it didn't show any perforations, and it didn't. So now they have set a goal for what Sam is to be eating on his own every day so he gets enough nutrition and doesn't get dehydrated. Hopefully he will have met his goal tomorrow, and we'll get to go home then. I won't believe it until we are in the car driving away!  Stephen and I have been SO disappointed today!!  Sam was not amused. 

To celebrate the new year tonight, Stephen and I did the one of the weirdest and coolest things I've ever done--we went to this really cool fondue restaurant. Cooking your food one bite at a time is interesting.  They gave us cute hats when we got there. 

We started with this awesome beer, cheddar cheese, whiskey, and bacon fondue. Dipping the red bell peppers was my favorite. 

Then we had ravioli, veggies, steak, jerk chicken, teriyaki chicken, wings, and Stephen ate all the shrimp and salmon because I don't eat things that swim.  They had ingredients to stuff and batter mushrooms. Delicious!

Right before midnight, the waiters passed out noisemakers, and the owner asked all of us to go to the front of the restaurant for a champagne toast and the big countdown.

We finished the meal with chocolate fondue and lots of yummy dippers. 

It was a really fun night!  I hope we get 2015 off to a good start tomorrow by getting to go home!

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