Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bryans Do Disney, Day 2: Gulf Shores, AL

Today we took our time getting up and moving.  Emory usually wakes up before Harper.  Yesterday and this morning, Emory woke Harper up really gently by saying, "Hoppa, it's mo'nin' time."  They're so happy to wake up each morning.  I love it.  We ate breakfast at the resort.  I thought we were going to get kicked out.  In the first three minutes, Harper dumped her yogurt on the floor on accident.  The girls are just not themselves, understandably so.  They're melting down and throwing fits over the smallest things.  We were seated right next to a table of four older people, and I kept thinking any minute they were going to complain about us.  When they got up to leave, the two ladies came over and talked to the girls, asked the ever popular, "How far apart are they?" and were just so sweet.  Thanks, Lord, I needed that.

We drove about 30 minutes to the most beautiful beach.  We bundled the girls up in their big coats, and we played in the sand for a little while.

We ate lunch on the beach at a place Stephen, Emory, my mom, and I ate at when we came in 2012.  Stephen had a tee time at 2:30, and the girls and I came back to the room for naps.  We picked Stephen up around 5:30, and then we went to the indoor pool.  I just realized I didn't take any pictures when we were there.  It was an indoor heated pool, but we were cold!  The girls didn't mind, and they had a great time.  We ate dinner at the resort, and then came back to the room.  Stephen and the girls were asleep by 9:30--we have had a long, tiring, but fun day!

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