Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bryans Do Disney, Day 4: Universal Studios

We started the day with Harper waking up really chipper and Emory acting like she was fourteen.  She kept saying, "I just want to sleep," when we tried to wake her up.  Harper finally got her up by waking her ever so gently.

We took a shuttle from our hotel to Universal Studios.  The girls waited "patiently."

We started in the Dr. Seuss part of the park.  The girls loved the carousel and flying fish ride.

Next we went to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  If you know me at all, you know I'm unabashedly a huge HP nerd.  I have read the books seven or eight times.  I did Sam's nursery in Harry Potter.  Visiting HP World was on my bucket list, and it didn't disappoint.  It was incredible!  They included so many details from the books.  You could buy wands that actually made things around the park move.  There was a recording of Moaning Myrtle talking in the restroom.  The people who worked there called us muggles.  First, we looked through the shops in Hogsmeade.

We ate lunch at Three Broomsticks.

I had some delicious frozen butterbeer.

The girls rode a pretty fast roller coaster.  I'm so proud they're not wusses.  Then we took the Hogwarts Express to Diagon Alley. 

It was so cool!  The window was a screen, and it showed a video that looked like we were riding through London, the countryside, and the Forbidden Forest.  A British family sat across from us in our compartment, and they made jokes about just coming from London two days ago, and now they were going back. Precious. We looked through the shops in Diagon Alley, and then I rode on the Gringotts ride by myself because the girls aren't tall enough and Stephen indulges my nerdiness.  It was the coolest ride I've ever been on.  It was half 3D show and half roller coaster.

Harper fell asleep during the Shrek 4D show, so she napped while Stephen and Emory did the Transformers ride.

The girls got to meet Dora, Boots, Diego, and the jaguar, whose name I don't know.

They were so excited!  I can't wait for them to meet the princesses!

And here are pictures of Harper having colossal meltdowns over not being held, being held while walking down stairs, etc.

Tomorrow is Magic Kingdom, day one!  

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