Friday, February 20, 2015

Bryans Do Disney, Day 3: Traveling to Orlando

I started the day the right way.  I got a massage at the resort's spa, sat in the steam room to try to clear my sinuses, and then went back to the room to help Stephen pack.  He had dressed the girls in pajamas, which I sort of love.  The girls had a little leftover fruit snack before we left.

We rolled out of Fairhope, AL around 10:00 A.M.  I snapped a couple quick pictures of the resort grounds.

We stopped just over the border of Florida for lunch at Whataburger.  I put Stephen's hamburger sticker on his shirt to show him what he means to me.  He was not amused by my joke.

But the girls thought it was hilarious.

So appropriate that Harper put it on upside down.

We stopped at a rest stop in Tallahassee and Emory asked if we were at Disneyworld.  Hilarious.

We stopped somewhere along the way to let Emory use the bathroom.  Stephen walked out with a crazy grin, carrying four Icees.  He got RED for Harper.  She did surprisingly well, but she only drank about a third of hers.  Emory downed hers.

So, we decided to stop in Gainesville to eat dinner before getting to Orlando.  Emory told us she needed to go to the bathroom, but we just didn't get there in time.  Thankfully, our hotel has a washing machine that guests can use.  Oh the joys of traveling with preschoolers.

Tomorrow we're going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.  When I called to get tickets, the lady was trying to sell me all kinds of crazy stuff.  I told her we were really only interested in HP World.  She was like, "Oh, y'all must be big HP fans.  Ha ha ha."  You have no idea, lady.  Don't judge me.

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