Sunday, March 29, 2015

Benefit Lunch

Our amazing friends put together a lunch yesterday so we could visit with our Tyler friends who weren't able to come to Sam's funeral and to raise money for his medical expenses.  Lisa did an amazing job coordinating everything!  We have been completely overwhelmed by the support, both emotional and financial, we have had from our family and friends since we got Sam's diagnosis, and especially since he was admitted to the hospital and then his passing.

The dudes got together Friday to smoke some awesome brisket and sausage.

Lots of friends brought food, filled cups, cut desserts, served food, cleaned up, and hugged our necks.

There was a bounce house set up for the kids to play on.

And everyone could make a bracelet in memory of Sam.  Such a sweet idea!

Even Grandaddy and Daddy made one!

Stephanie shared some sweet words about our family and Sam.

We are so well loved, y'all!!  Sincerely, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every text, Facebook message, call, visit, hug, prayer, and penny given.  We have been so incredibly blessed by our family and friends.  The financial burden we are still bearing from Sam's medical expenses is much less than we ever anticipated when he was first admitted back in December.

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