Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy Six Months, Sam!

My sweet Sam,

Today you would have been six months old.  I know that there is nothing here on Earth that you need, and you are more alive in Heaven than we are here, but I sure miss you.  I'm disappointed that we don't get to experience all the things we would have been doing with you now.  Today I would have put you in a white onesie, stuck a six month sticker on you, and spent minutes and minutes trying to get a perfect picture of you while your sisters "helped."  You would probably be getting pretty good at sitting up on your own.  We would have been introducing solid foods to you and laughing as you made faces at the ones you didn't like.  You would be smiling and laughing at us and Emory and Harper.  You would be learning to play with toys.  You would be wearing the clothes hanging in your closet and folded in your drawers, and you would always be wearing a hat.

You are so loved.  There are countless people who think about you daily.  There are so many people doing so many things to honor your life and glorify our Lord.  Your life mattered, and it always will.

I love you, Sam, and as always, I am so honored to be your mama.


The first few weeks after Sam passed away, I thought that if I had enough faith or the right kind of faith, I wouldn't be that sad about Sam being gone because I know that he's in Heaven.  But the truth is I'm sad about our present lives.  I always feel incomplete because my whole family isn't here.  I know we will spend eternity together, though.

We have gotten several letters from the Texas chapter of the Children's Heart Foundation notifying us of the people who have donated in Sam's honor.  We are so incredibly humbled and thankful that so many have chosen to honor Sam's life in this way and support the funding of CHD research.  I know people donated before we figured out the way to show that the donation was in Sam's honor, and we haven't forgotten their generosity.  We received another letter today.  Because of the generosity of so many, the friends and family of Sam are being recognized as silver chapter sponsors.  Sincerely, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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