Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bryans Take Ouray, Day Five

We slept in a little this morning, and then drove to the Bachelor Syracuse Mine for breakfast and a tour.  It started raining not long after we got there. We were cold while we ate breakfast outside!

photobombed by the cook
The girls thought playing in the rain was the best part. They love "'plashin' in muddy puddles."

We walked the tour, which was about 1500 feet (out of the total 3500 feet) into the mine and 850 feet underground. The mine was in use from 1884 to 1986 and produced more silver than gold.  By 1905, it had produced between one and two million dollars worth of silver, which would be worth around 37 million today. There is a crystal clear creek that runs throughout the length of the mine alongside the ore cart track. The tour guide said it puts out 350 gallons of water per hour all year around.  Miners were able to get fresh water while they worked. 

The girls looked too cute in their hard hats. 

Mama and Daddy looked pretty cute too.

The rain had died down enough after the mine tour that we were able to go to the hot springs pool.  

We ate lunch at a burger place called Maggie's Kitchen, and then came back to the room for naps. 

We ate dinner at a Mexican food place called Buen Tiempo, and then we went back to the park and kicked a dodge ball around for a while. 

There is an incredible backdrop and beautiful weather for everything we do here. 

Tomorrow we are riding a train from Durango to Silverton and back. 

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