Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bryans Take Ouray, Day Two

I'm Stephen and I are big fans of the show "Breaking Bad", which was filmed and set in Albuquerque.  I think this had something to do with our decision to break up the road trip by stopping in the ABQ.  Stephen and I set out to find some of the show's landmarks before we continued to Ouray.

We found Walter and Skyler's house:
our picture
from BB
Hank and Marie's house:

Jesse's house:

And the A1 Car Wash:
our picture
from BB
After our BB scavenger hunt, we loaded up and headed for Ouray.  Oh, Harper. 

We arrived in Ouray in the late afternoon and checked into our hotel. We stayed at the same one eight years ago, but the new owners bought the hotel last December and have been renovating.

We drove around a little and made our first scenic stop at the waterfall in town, Crystal Falls. 

Stephen rented a jeep to take to the local trails, and we picked it up and drove the closest trail to Yankee Boy Basin. 

Ouray is this quaint, peaceful, slow-paced little town in a valley completely surrounded by mountains close to Silverton and Durango. Stephen's grandparents have visited several times. Every business is locally owned, beers are made at the breweries here, and everyone is relaxed and friendly. 

We met up with everyone before dark and ate at the Ouray Brewery.  We sat outside on their rooftop patio and enjoyed the amazing weather and view. 

Tomorrow Stephen and I are taking the jeep out to explore while my parents and the girls find fun things to do. 

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