Monday, June 8, 2015

Bryans Take Ouray, Day Three

Stephen and I left as soon as the sun was up so we could get to as many trails as possible. We started with one called Engineer Pass. It was rough!!  Most of the trails are a single lane right on the side of a cliff (i.e. I was a nervous wreck).  When I looked at the map to see where to go next, I noticed the legend. Engineer Pass was "extremely hazardous/4WD only."  It was beautiful up there though!

We went on all the trails that were open except for one because we ran out of time. I thought renting a jeep was for the jeep experience, but we saw so many beautiful places along the trails. 

On the last trail, we got stuck in a snow bank.  Womp womp. 

We tried digging out the snow by hand with no luck.  Fortunately, a couple was on their way back down the trail, and he pulled us out with his winch. 

My parents and the girls spent the day going to the park. 

They found some elk. 

And they rode the gondola in Telluride. 

We met up for dinner at an Irish pub called O'Briens. The food here is excellent. 

The girls are sleeping on a pallet this week, and they love it!

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