Friday, June 12, 2015

Bryans Take Ouray, Day Seven

My mom and I set out to the laundromat again this morning. We seem to be getting dirtier throughout the day than I anticipated when I packed.  What should have taken an hour or two ended up taking all morning. Whatever.

We all drove about ten miles north of Ouray to Ridgway to drive one of the more tame jeep trails Stephen and I went down on Monday.  On the way up the mountain, our ears started to pop because of the altitude.  Harper asked, "Why are my ears quiet?"  Such a funny way to interpret her ears popping.  We ate lunch first at Taco del Gnar, a funky taco shop.  

After lunch, we drove the jeep trail to a scenic overlook. 

We drove back to Ouray to go to Box Canyon Falls, a nature trail and waterfall park.  There were birds and chipmunks eating from a bird feeder. The girls loved getting up close and personal with them. 

We walked the trail up to where the waterfall is in a "box canyon."  

Part of the platform where we walked was open so we could see straight down to the water. Terrifying if you're anxious about heights! 

The waterfall was really really loud in the box canyon, which scared Harper. 

We walked the nature trail back down to the park.

The girls enjoyed playing in the rocks.
Emory found rocks for Harper, Sam, and herself.
Then we went back to the hot springs pool. 

On Wednesday when we went, the part of the pool that included the slides was closed for cleaning.  Well, today the slides were open. I bet the girls went down the slide 100 times. They loved it!

There were three different parts in the whole pool. One area was like a huge hot tub at 106 degrees. Two sections were like heated pools at 92 degrees. And the section that had the slides was super cold at 78 degrees. That doesn't sound that cold, but when it's 50 degrees outside and windy, it's cold!

The girls played on the playground for a while. 

Then we went back to O'Briens for dinner. 

We had ice cream at Mouse's Chocolates and Coffee. 

Tomorrow we start heading back to Texas!  I wish we could take the weather from here back with us. 

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